Odor Elimination

Small business owners

Most people are very sensitive to the odors they encounter on a daily basis. We all enjoy the smell of our favorite meals as well as fond memories triggered by smells from the past. Just as we enjoy pleasant smells we also use our sense of smell to identify unsafe or unhealthy situations. Once we associate an unpleasant odor with a time or place it stays in our memory for a very long time.

Unpleasant odors in your place of business can cost your company money and give your business a bad reputation that can be very difficult to overcome.

Hampton Hotels Survey

In a survey released by Hampton Hotels (the leading global hospitality company) in 2007, 86% of travelers say the smell of fresh air and linens is a better indicator to them that a hotel room is clean – compared to 14% who feel that the smell of cleaning products is more indicative.

Other findings of the Hampton Inn survey:

Question: What they have done as a result of being in a hotel room with an undesirable smell?
Answer: 66% asked for a different room, complained, asked for a discount or refund, or cancelled their reservations.

Question: What scent they would most prefer if a hotel were putting it in its rooms?
Answer: 70% prefer “just the smell of fresh air and clean linens.”

Active Safeguard Eliminates Odors At The Source

Active Safeguard is a micro-thin layer applied to the interior surfaces of any building that continuously kills the microbes that cause odors, bacteria, viruses and VOCs while preventing the formation of mold and mildew.

If the profitability of your business depends on having an odor free facility or having healthy indoor air quality Active Safeguard is the most client friendly, economical solution available.