Hypoallergenic Rooms

Millions of Americans suffer from airborne allergies. These allergies can cause considerable discomfort to those who are forced to deal with this condition. One strategy used to reduce the effects of allergies is to create hypoallergenic rooms that greatly reduce the airborne particles that trigger allergies.

Active Safeguard Systems

There is a new and proven system that guarantees superior indoor air quality results. This system is a hypo-allergenic, green, and long lasting system that provides an energy savings potential as well as actively controlling Mold, Odors, Viruses and Bacteria. This has been shown through years of testing. Active Safeguard has made a Worldwide Breakthrough in the application of Titanium Dioxide (T1O2) with a patent pending revolutionary application process and product management. The chemistry alone is so impressive that the EPA research scientists regard T1O2 as the ‘Holy Grail’ of chemistry. What we have done is to develop an application system that is nearly perfect. We have increased the speed and efficiency while also enhancing the photo catalytic reaction and affordability. In a world filled with standards, we have developed a playing field well above silver or gold. Through motivation and technology, we can offer a Platinum standard at an affordable price.