How Does It Work?

Active Safeguard is a micro-thin layer applied to the interior surfaces of any building that continuously kill the microbes that cause odors, bacteria, viruses and VOCs while preventing the formation of mold and mildew.

Photocatalytic Oxidation

The photocatalytic oxidation process occurs when cells, spores, and biomolecules contact a surface coated with Titanium Dioxide (TiO2) in the presence of UV light and air. The process destroys the cells, spores, and biomolecules on contact, leaving only the harmless byproducts water and carbon dioxide.

This naturally occurring chemical process is at the heart of the Active Safeguard indoor air cleaning system. Active Safeguard has harnessed the power of the photocatalytic oxidation through our patented two-step application.

Active Safeguard diagram


Our Unique System Is The Most Advanced In The Industry

Why Our Two-Step Application System Is Unique:

  • Each microbial of moisture is electrically charged allowing for an almost perfect application to any surface
  • Our two-step process protects the substrate from degradation while maximizing the effectiveness of the air cleaning process
  • This special application process has increased the speed of application, enhanced photocatalytic activity, and reduced costs
  • No personal protective gear is required for this application process

Active Safeguard combines the most advanced chemistry, technology, and innovation to set us apart from our competitors. Started in 1996, Active Safeguard remains at the forefront of the indoor air quality industry.

Our guarantee for odor elimination, IAQ, and mold prevention is the strongest in the TiO2 arena.

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