Enviro Statement

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The Active Safeguard air purification system eliminates odors and improves indoor air quality using an environmentally safe process that makes your home, office or business greener.

Using the naturally occurring process of photocatalytic oxidation Active Safeguard makes your indoor space greener in five ways:

Cleaner Indoor Air

Improves indoor air quality by destroying bacteria, viruses and VOCs while preventing the formation of mold and mildew

Energy Conservation

Once Active Safeguard is applied in any interior space or area, no equipment or machinery is used in the air purification process. As a result no electricity is used.

Water Conservation

Unlike cleaning chemicals, no water is used in the Active Safeguard air purification process. Water is used during the initial application only.

Replaces Or Reduces Toxic Chemicals Use

Bleach and other toxic cleaning products that are used to remove odors and kill microbes may be replaced or greatly reduced by the 100% non-toxic Active Safeguard system.

Waste Reduction

Active Safeguard is a long lasting air purification system. This reduces waste from air deodorant spray cans and other plastic chemical bottles.

Active Safeguard used in conjunction with other green strategies can make a significant contribution to greener buildings.