About Us

Our Mission

Active Safeguard’s mission is to deliver indoor air cleaning services to residential, commercial, industrial and municipal clients.  We have combined revolutionary forces in chemistry, technology and innovation with a unique patented application and the usage of TiO2 to achieve the goal of air purification.  Our expert team has developed a patented process which has proven to be a quantum leap in providing ultra clean surfaces and superior indoor air quality.

We guarantee that upon completion of the remediation process, all levels of contaminants addressed will be within acceptable levels according to local codes for air quality.

Active Safeguard Leadership

John Carlson
New Air Technologies, Founder CEO

Mr. Carlson entered into the world of indoor air quality after being struck by lightning and was placed in a low pressure hyperbaric chamber which kept his body free from all viruses and bacteria. His quest was to turn a home into this type of chamber with the same “killing” power. Through trial and error, Active Safeguard has perfected this technology and guarantees the finest indoor air quality in the world. In the future, John sees New Air Technologies, the parent company of Active Safeguard, as a revolutionary force in chemistry, technology and innovation in providing ultra clean surfaces and superior indoor air quality.

His expertise in the odor abatement and indoor air quality field is backed by his Master’s of Science degree from Southern Connecticut State College, two decades as an educator in the field, and sixteen years of experience with Active Safeguard.

John has also introduced the Active Safeguard system in presentations to corporate leaders and governmental agencies across the country including:

  • Boeing – Seattle, WA
  • Marriott Hotels – Maryland
  • Farmers Insurance – Houston TX, Denver CO
  • AAA New Jersey
  • National Managed Health Care Congress
  • Booz, Allan and Hamilton Technology Consulting – Virginia
  • U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)
  • US Navy – New Orleans, LA
  • Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) – U.S. Department of Defense
  • Mass Transit Authority – Chicago, IL and Washington, DC
  • Prince George’s County Schools – Virginia
  • Los Angeles Community College (LACC)
  • Connecticut State Building Inspectors